Monday, March 14, 2011

Nancy Drew Cafe Press Sale Mar 15-17 15% off $45+

Nancy Drew Shop 15% off $45.00+ Sale!

WHEN: Mar. 15 - Mar. 17, 2011

SAVE:15% off orders of $45+



Be sure you're ordering from the shop page only--marketplace orders do not count for this promotion, so if you're at the main website and/or using search boxes to add items to your cart, those are considered marketplace items. You must order from the Nancy Drew shop page itself. If you have any trouble with the code--contact Cafe Press customer support (there's a phone number you can call right away) and they can help you with it.

Thanks for your support!



Christina said...

I have been meaning to order from Cafe press for a month now and forgot. I'm so VERY, VERY glad I came across your blog info. This reminded me I had not yet made my order. So I will do so tomorrow!
Thank you for telling us about the sale!
Chris Webb
Virginia Slueth!

Janet said...

I had a problem with Cafe Press, and they not only corrected it, I did not have to pay any return postage. I love Cafe Press.