Friday, July 30, 2010

Sleuth Judi Weaver's Mystery Manor Book Shop

During our 80th anniversary Nancy Drew convention this year in Florida, we chartered a bus and spent a day book hunting around the Merritt Island/Orlando/Deltona area which was fabulous. Another day after sightseeing, we ended up in Melbourne at Judi Weaver's Mystery Manor Book Shop. It was to die for! :)

Thousands of series books--many in pristine condition, some full to near full series. Series book heaven or as one Sleuth coined it, a "bookgasm."

Look through these images (click for a larger image) to get a better view and if you're interested in contacting Judi about books you need for your collection, her e-mail is:

Lots of books and collectibles!

Costumes and other memorabilia for sale too.

Just one corner area of shelves!

Sleuth Gina found the Nancy Drew 70s Halloween costume!

Sleuth Jim scored a signed Nancy Drew book!

Lady Judi Weaver

So much to see!

So happy to be there!

Tables stacked with more books!

Foreign editions too!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

30% Off Cafe Press Sale

There's a semi-annual sale at Cafe Press through July 30th.

At our Nancy Drew Shop, you get 30% off hats, mugs, t-shirts on any order over 40.00.


Check it out here:


Saturday, July 24, 2010

AZ Sleuths Book Discussion Group: Whispering Statue & Haunted Bridge

Our AZ Sleuths group met at Judy's house in Scottsdale, AZ for our July Discussion Group meeting. Attending were myself and Laura, Arlene, Judy, Dede, Gail and her daughter, Becky, Beth Marie, Tina, and Sleuth Janet's niece Sara who is doing an internship here at the AZ Republic this summer!

We had a pot luck lunch ranging from salads to quiche to turkey to fruit plus brownies, cookies, and key lime pie for dessert. Yum!

Books we discussed were #14 The Whispering Statue and #15 The Haunted Bridge.

Dede and Judy shared their convention scrapbooks and other crafty projects.

We also had a gift exchange!

Judy's growing collection!

Dede's paper bag album shown above and below:

Gift Exchange Gifts

Dede's Shadow Box

Old Clock Notebook

Nancy Drew Shadow Box

Decoupaged Book Box

Bungalow Mystery Notebook

Nancy Drew Frame with
Old Attic Party Group Image

Nancy Drew Frame Necklace
2 sides above/below:

Decoupaged Nancy Drew Box


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cafe Press Sale thru 7-24

Cafe Press is having a sale through 7-24, and you get 5.00 off any purchase of 40.00 or more.

Coupon Code: HEATSNIP

Shop our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop for all things Nancy!


Monday, July 19, 2010

40% Sale at The Sleuth Shop

$2000 and counting of Vet Bills=I'm having a big sale at the website :)

It's not reflected there, however, I'm offering a 40% off sale of everything (except handbags and watches--those I can do a 15% discount on) at the website to Blog & friends!

You can either order from the website and ...I'll credit you back the 40% or e-mail me what you want ( and I'll invoice you via Pay Pal or you can pay via check/money order. This week only!

Check it out:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Nancy Drew Sleuths Cafe Press Designs

I've uploaded 2 new designs to our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop featuring our group name and web address with the silhouette and magnifying glass icons. New products too.

Check out the shop!Jenn:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Sleuth - New Lower Rates!


We are lowering our rates at The Sleuth! Subscribe now, resubscribe or purchase back issues!

New rates are as follows:


$17.00/3 issues
$35.00/1 year
$68.00/2 years


$20.00/3 issues
$40.00/1 year
$78.00/2 years


$25.00/3 issues
$50.00/1 year
$98.00/2 years



$6.00 ea or 3/$17.00




Sleuth Lisa's Nancy Drew 80th Birthday Library Event

Poster and flyers from the event

Sleuth Lisa recently held a neat Nancy Drew 80th party at her local library! She gave a talk and worked with the kids on some fun crafty things! Members, if you want to do similar things at your local libraries, schools, or clubs, we've got a great set of printable files to get you organized in our "members only" section of our website!

Lisa tells all about mysterious Nancy Drew

Some clever examples of what the kids put together!

What a fun event--thanks to Lisa for putting this on and sharing with us!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nancy Drew Watches For Sale


I've now added the officially licensed Nancy Drew watches for sale--shipping starts around July 15 - order now at:

2 designs - the Nancy Drew images/circles with "Nancy Drew" or The Secret of the Old Clock Russell H. Tandy 1st art image of Nancy.

The straps are genuine leather, the face is a nice large size, they are unisex in design so guys or girls can wear them. See sizes/full description at the website link above.

They are 25.00 ea and I'll even do a special for anyone wanting both designs at 2/40.00. Shipping is 5.50. You can order at the website (if ordering 2 at the website, I'll process the refund of 10.00), use Pay Pal on your own for the right amount or have me invoice you, or send me a check or money order:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236