Monday, March 21, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #45

Random Clues

OK, so I had these random peacock images in my folder--some sent to me by LuAnn, others I found sleuthing around online. One last Convention Clues Blog Finale!

Anthropologie Box

Old-Fashion Peacock Skirt

Peacock Clock

Stained-Glass Peacock Lamp

Anthropologie Peacock Skirt

Tiffany Style Peacock Lamp

Peacock Barbie!

Peacock Figurine

Faux Stained-Glass Lego Piece featuring a Knight



Janet said...

I like the stained glass peacock lamp. With so many peacock themed items and ideas, I may have to bring along some peacock repellent!

LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

Wow, the peacock Barbie is something! And that Lego window would be perfect with a tiny peacock--Nancy Drew in Legos!