Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #26

Meet Lisa!

Poet Lisa Kwong will be speaking at our Nancy Drew convention day on Sat. April 2nd at the Holiday Inn University in Charlottesville, VA. She will be reading poetry to the crowd and wowing us with her cleverness :-)

We've previously printed one of her Nancy Drew poems, Sleuthing for Love, in The Sleuth.

Lisa will be a M.F.A. candidate in Poetry at Indiana University-Bloomington in Fall 2011. A 2010 Frost Place scholarship recipient, Lisa received a B.A. in English from Appalachian State University (A.S.U.) in Boone, NC. Her poems have appeared online at Ishmael Reed’s Konch,,, and The Tower Journal. Her poems have also been published in Floyd County Moonshine, The Sleuth, and Virginia English Bulletin. She has performed her poems at A.S.U., Radford University, Ferrum College, and The Frost Place. She will be a featured performer at the 10th annual Diversity Celebration at A.S.U.

Lisa read the Nancy Drew mysteries as a child and rediscovered them after graduating from college. Since 2005, she has been a series book collector, enthusiast, and scholar. In 2010, she organized an 80th anniversary party and children's program at Radford Public Library in VA, and she also participated in the panel "The Mysterious Allure of Nancy Drew" at A.S.U., which helped launch the Girls Studies minor in the Women's Studies program. At the 2011 Sleuths Convention in Charlottesville, Lisa will debut some new Nancy Drew-inspired poems and discuss why the world of Nancy Drew is a viable subject for poetry.



Lisa K said...

Thanks Jenn for this speaker preview! I am looking forward to participating in the convention and meeting everyone that I've heard so much about online!

Lisa Kwong :)

Wirt&Tandy-fan said...

Hello Lisa,

I look forward to meeting you at the ND convention and hearing your poetry!

:) debra frazier

Janet said...

This is a great idea to get to know one another. I am so looking forward to the convention. I have a pretty nifty gift exchange gift and a fun Nancy Drew costume/outfit to wear to the party.