Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #40

Peacock Dandy!

More peacock inspired fashion for the Nancy Drew convention in Charlottesville, VA! Someone online put together the above ensemble of fashion accessories.

Peacock Nails

Peacock Headband
Peacock Mask

Peacock inspired makeup

Still needing ideas for the mystery dinner? Check out this Clues Blog posting for some accessorizing tips.



Christina said...

I enjoy reading about the ideas for the costume contest! I love all the ideas about Peacocks for the dinner and costume contest. Maybe someone could come as that mean nasty Mrs. Dondo? Or perhaps someone as a mail carrier?
I am getting so excited about the convention. I just can't wait!

Christina Webb
(My 2nd Nancy Drew Convention!)

PS. How do I become a clue on the blog? Did I miss something?

Jenn said...


You can just send me a photo of you with your ND collection or just you and a brief bio and I'll post it to the blog.