Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Holiday at Cafe Press

Nancy Drew Holiday 2010 Merchandise at our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop!

We've added Happy Holidays cards featuring the quaint Polly Bolian Cameo art for The Mystery at the Ski Jump, stockings featuring the silhouette of Nancy Drew and either "Nancy Drew" or "Girl Sleuth", plus all of our ornaments have been imported into that section for easy access--dozens of those featuring all of our various images and silhouettes.

Shop at:


See samples below. Enjoy!


Monday, November 29, 2010

2011 Nancy Drew Convention Merchandise Available!

2011 Nancy Drew Sleuth Convention Merchandise now available in our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop!

Sleuth Lea Fox has designed another great collage for this year's convention merchandise!

We have four designs available in the Nancy Drew Shop - Nancy Drew Hidden Window Collage and the two Rudy Nappi Hidden Window cover art images plus the neat Cameo edition art by Polly Bolian.

See samples below. Shop here.

These will only be available through May 2011.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop Cyber Monday Sale!

Nancy Drew Shop Sale!

WHEN: Nov. 29

SAVE: $10.00 off orders of $50+


WHERE: www.cafepress.com/nancydrewshop

Thanks for your support!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Nancy Drew Cafe press Shop 3 Day Sale Nov 26-28

Nancy Drew Shop Sale!

WHEN: Nov. 26-28

SAVE: Free Shipping on orders of $50+ (great deal!)


WHERE: www.cafepress.com/nancydrewshop

Thanks for your support!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shipping Special Today Only - Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop

One Day Thanksgiving Sale: Take $5.00 of an order of $50.00 or more:




Saturday, November 20, 2010

AZ Sleuths Book Discussion Group: Moss-Covered Mansion & Missing Map

Our November AZ Sleuths meeting at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale was lots of fun. We were discussing both text versions of the Nancy Drew classic books #18, The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion and #19, The Quest of the Missing Map.

Attending were myself and my mom, Judy, Dede, Arlene, Laura, Gail, Jackie, Beth Marie, Tina, and Melanie.

Melanie and Arlene

Laura and Jackie

Tina and Beth Marie


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nancy Drew Cafe press Shop Sale 11-20 - 11-23

Nancy Drew Shop Sale!

WHEN: Nov. 20-23

SAVE: $10 on orders of $50+.

CODE: Friend10

WHERE: www.cafepress.com/nancydrewshop

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nancy Drew Shop at Cafe Press - Orders Reminder


Just a reminder about our Nancy Drew Cafe Press shop for all your holiday needs :) We've got great 2011 Nancy Drew calendars in the Tandy and Nappi styles, new iPhone cases are being added in, plus lots of other goodies. We'll have 2011 convention images soon too.

When you purchase at the shop, please remember to order from the shop page:


When you order from just www.cafepress.com and use their search boxes, that's considered their marketplace and our commission goes from either 1.00 or 5.00 down to around twenty cents to 2.00 - you end up supporting Cafe Press instead of this group as we get a much smaller commission. When I log into our account, I can see the orders and it lists the name of the person ordering and the state they are from and if it's a marketplace or a shop order, so I have noticed lately some Sleuth members ordering from the marketplace instead of our shop.

There may be some confusion on how to order from our shop. Just go to this link:


Then order from this page--there are links on the main page and also along the left side of the shop's page you can click on to access the various styles of images we have and you can always use your back buttons too. We don't have a search box in our store, so if you find yourself using one of those, you've gone outside of our shop to Cafe Press and that should signal that you need to redirect back to the address above.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nancy Drew Birthday Cake

Sleuth Nancy W. shared her birthday cake from this year--very clever! I love how the bakery did a cover with the printable ink/icing decorations and it turned out great.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Nancy Drew Event at Changing Hands Bookstore

The Nancy Drew 80th Birthday event at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ was held at 7pm tonight on Monday, November 8. Members of the local AZ Sleuths chapter attended and I spoke at the event plus we had a very nice sized crowd at close to or over 50!

The store arranged a scavenger hunt and we had prizes for those participating, I brought party favors and cupcakes with Nancy Drew picks on them:

My talk ranged from how I got into collecting and writing about Nancy Drew to the history behind Nancy Drew, collecting information, and a look at how Nancy Drew changed over the years plus Things We Learned From Nancy Drew and quotes from my book, Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew.

Some members in the audience including Sleuth Dede

Edward Stratemeyer looms behind me, the creator of Nancy Drew.

Sleuths Tina and Beth Marie

Sleuths Judy and Gail

We enjoyed our time at Changing Hands and for those of you who attended, we hope you had lots of fun!

There was a great article on the event in the East Valley Tribune with some images of my collection--click here to read it.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nancy Drew Collectible Computer Game Tin

Just in time for the holidays, Her Interactive is releasing a nifty collectible tin with 3 fan favorite Nancy Drew computer games: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Treasure in the Royal Tower. There's also a clever journal featuring art from the games.
It's cute and perfect for your collections. Only 5000 are being produced, so it's a very limited item. Get yours now while you can!