Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July '08 E-News & Clues



Hope you're having a great summer, getting in a lot of summer reading and doing a little book hunting and antiquing! Perhaps traveling on some fun adventure.

In this E-News & Clues: July/August issue of The Sleuth, Nancy Drew News, Cafe Press: Sleuths Items/Convention Gear, Convention News, Nancy Drew Event in Michigan, Subscribe to this Blog, and 1993 Nancy Drew Conference Memories.


Our next issue of The Sleuth will be mailed next week and our theme is great! Some neat new surprises in store:) I'll be updating the Blog and website with the cover and contents as soon as I have that available. To subscribe or try out a back issue:

For new subscribers: Mail in your payment or Pay Pal and take 3.00 off your total through August 31st, 2008!


Items out in July:

Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Perfect Cover
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Mall Madness
An August release, the new Nancy Drew Ghost Stories has already been spotted in stores!
Her Interactive game: The Phantom of Venice


Just a reminder we do have lots of fun things at Cafe Press in our shop sections there, links and more can be found here:

We'll be doing licensed convention items again this year! Sleuth Kelly designed a fabulous Nancy Drew Hex Symbol--preview above--and we'll be selling items at Cafe Press as usual--featuring the hex symbol, last year's You Know You're A Nancy Drew Fan When..., and some neat Nancy Drew vintage images/slogans. We'll also be featuring more products than before! And selling some neat altered art items at my website and at the Sleuths' website. For a limited time as usual: August-October. Once I have the Cafe Press store set up with the merchandise, I'll be e-mailing everyone about it. But the link for the store will be:

You can visit and bookmark the link for later viewing!


Speaking at this year's convention are Sleuths Michael G. Cornelius, Lea Fox, Penny Warner and myself. We also have a treat in that Nancy Drew illustrator Tricia Zimic will be joining us.

Tricia will be speaking to us, signing books/etc. and selling her Nancy Drew paintings! If you are interested in her paintings, e-mail me and I'll send a list of Nancy Drew Files paintings she has available. FYI: She illustrated 22 of the Nancy Drew Files books: volumes 70 through 91. For a list of these titles, visit my website:


The University of Michigan at Dearborn is having a reception on Sept. 12th to go along with an exhibition on children's series books including artwork that will be displayed. There will also be a nice display of Nancy Drew books and memorabilia. They contacted me about speaking at the reception. I will speak at around 5:30 to 6pm on the 12th. If you are in the area or want to attend, here is more information about it:

I gave a list of Sleuth members/addresses that live near Dearborn in Michigan and the Ohio areas to the event coordinator so those of you in this area should be receiving flyers about the event shortly. Please contact me if you are able to attend the event! I will be speaking about Nancy Drew and the history of the series as well as talking about the illustrations over the years!


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If you attended the 1993 Nancy Drew Conference in Iowa City, IA, I'm looking for people to share their memories of the event and photos if you took them for an upcoming issue of The Sleuth! Contact me at the e-mail link above.