Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Drew in Collectors News Mag: Feb. '09 Issue

The February 2009 issue of Collectors News magazine is now available. It features a two-page article on Nancy Drew and my collection of Nancy Drew memorabilia and talks about the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan group and our conventions! I'm including some pictures in the Blog.

If you are interested in getting this particular issue or subscribing to this publication, visit Collectors News online and you can also e-mail: collectors@collectors-news.com or call 800-352-8039.

I was originally contacted by them for an article on my Vintage Halloween collectibles and website, Vintage Halloween. I suggested they consider doing a piece on Nancy Drew and it led to this piece which was put together last summer.

I thought it was well-done and even mentions Edward Stratemeyer!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan. '09 E-News & Clues & 2009 Annual Newsletter


Our Jan. '09 E-News & Clues is short! That's because it coincides with our 2009 annual Sleuth Newsletter where all the good stuff is! As most of you know, this is our once a year newsletter that previews the coming year for members with Sleuth news and Nancy Drew events and news! We have it available online as a PDF file you can read/print.

To view the newsletter, click this link:


Highlights include:

2009 Month-By-Month of Nancy Drew book and collectible releases, Nancy Drew merchandise news, 2009 Convention news, 2010 80th Nancy Drew Anniversary news, and much more! We have a preview of the 2010 Nancy Drew engagement calendar!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sleuths on Myspace and Facebook?


Have you checked out Facebook? Or Myspace? I have created pages at both for our Nancy Drew Sleuths group, so if you're on or want to join and keep up, here's the links:





So far quite a few of you have joined, so the more the merrier!