Friday, September 30, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party Starts Tomorrow!

Don't forget! The Nancy Drew Blog Party starts at Jenn's Nancy Drew Blog tomorrow and runs through Oct. 31st!

Hope you all have fun and gain a few clues too!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party - Calling All Sleuths!

You're Invited to a Spooky Nancy Drew Blog Party!

Calling All Sleuths:

In celebration of Nancy Drew and the Oct. 2011 Country Living Magazine Collecting Nancy Drew article, we're having a spooky Nancy Drew Blog Party in October--all month long at my Nancy Drew Blog!

Featuring contests and giveaways, crafty projects, spooky book discussions, collecting tips, things we've learned from Nancy Drew--anything and everything Nancy Drew. Grab your magnifying glass and hop in your roadster and head over to the Blog for a Sleuth-tacular time!

Blog Party begins Oct. 1st and runs through Oct. 31.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AZ Sleuths Nancy Drew Book Group: #27 Wooden Lady

Celebrating Nancy Drew in Country Living Magazine

Our local AZ chapter of the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan group met at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale this past Saturday to discuss Nancy Drew #27 The Secret of the Wooden Lady and celebrate the Nancy Drew article in the October 2011 issue of Country Living!

I was thrilled when they asked me to send off some of my Nancy Drew books and collectibles to be photographed for the piece. I made some cupcake picks with images of the cover of the magazine and the Nancy Drew article pages and brought mini Pumpkin Spice and Cookies and Cream cupcakes to the book group.

Arlene surprised me with a neat pumpkin that Laura had done at Michaels featuring a spooky spider and web and "Nancy Drew." It will be perfect for the big annual Nancy Drew Halloween party I give each year.

Attending this meeting were myself and my mom Linda, Judy, Dede, Arlene, Beth Marie, Tina, Becky, Cheryl, Jackie, Clare, and Carol.

Everyone seemed to agree that this book was more action-packed and fast paced than some of the previous books we've read and they enjoyed that. We also agreed that Bess was a real witch at times to Nancy -- more so than in previous books ;-) And ate and ate like a sailor but so did the other girls! You could definitely tell that there was a new ghostwriter for this book (Margaret Scherf). Both the original 25 chapter version and the revised 20 chapter version were mostly the same story with a few minor differences here and there. Ned Nickerson of course, took one for the team, when he got punched by one of the bad guys while helping Nancy sleuth. Good old Ned! It was a fun mystery set around Boston, and will be our theme for our 2013 Nancy Drew Convention in Boston.

Here are some of the ladies proudly displaying their Nancy Drew books:

Judy and Dede

Arlene and Carol

Tina, Beth Marie, and Jackie

Becky and Cheryl

If you're ever in the Scottsdale area, please think about joining us for our Nancy Drew book group. We meet 6 times per year. Or think about starting up one in your area. Contact us for help in promoting it--see our Book Discussion section of our website for more info.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop Sale: 10% off $40+ orders!

Nancy Drew Shop 10% off $40.00+ Sale!

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Thanks for your support!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Nancy Drew in October 2011 Country Living Magazine

Nancy Drew in October 2011 Country Living!

Calling All Nancy Drew Fans!

My Nancy Drew collection is profiled in the October 2011 issue of Country Living--I'm very excited about this :)

If you've found my Blog via this spooktacular October issue, there's more to come!

Leading up to spooky Halloween we'll be having some fun here at the Blog including:

Vintage Nancy Drew Books
Prize Giveaways
A Nancy Drew Blog Party
Collecting & Selling Tips
Highlights of What's at eBay
Nancy Drew Halloween Party Planning
Things We've Learned from Nancy Drew
Book Reviews
Nancy Drew Convention Highlights
Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group Info
Nancy Drew Books & Collectibles
Nancy Drew's Mysterious History
& Many More Mysterious Things!

More Clues Coming Soon...