Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov. '08 E-News & Clues

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! The holidays are always a hectic time, makes me wonder how Nancy Drew managed so well with running her household and sleuthing at this time of year!

In this E-News & Clues entry: John Axe, Popcorn Posters--New Nancy Drew Licensee, Nancy Drew News, The Sleuth--Reminders, $30.00 Subscriber Holiday Special, 2009 Sleuth Convention Update.


For those of you who haven't heard yet, series book collector/author and Sleuth member John Axe died on Monday, November 17, 2008. There is a blog posting about his passing below this entry. We will have a nice tribute to John in our upcoming Nov/Dec issue of The Sleuth and some of your memories of John. If anyone would like to send in anything about John, please feel free to e-mail, what we can't use for Nov/Dec we will run in Jan/Feb. Check out an online tribute:


A new licensee of Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys - Popcorn Posters - is selling really cool 11 x 17 posters and magnet sets featuring Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book covers! I got a box of samples of the Nancy Drew in and they all look fabulous. The posters come in a heavy plastic protector--which you can remove to have the poster framed, they're just slipped in there to protect them. The magnets are cute--you can see the actual book's spine--rather than just featuring the cover only, so they are neat. The posters are shipped flat--not rolled up!

I'll be a retailer of these products and you can order them at The Sleuth Shop! Remember, official Sleuth members get 15% discounts (makes each poster 12.74 for example...)! So, you can e-mail me an order and I'll get a total to you and you can then pay via Pay Pal or send a check. OR, you can also purchase at the website and I can credit you back the 15%-- whichever is easier for you.

View the posters/magnets here:
I only have the Nancy Drew stuff for sale right now, however anyone interested in the Hardy Boys posters or magnets sets--see the links to images of these below--you can e-mail me your order as I can order them for you--same prices as the Nancy Drew posters and magnets shown at the shop link above!

The posters have a white border around them--the blue shown below in the link is the catalog page background, they'll look like the Nancy Drew posters at the shop.


Aside from the new Popcorn Posters licensee info above, here are some scoops:

Vintage Nancy Drew doll from Tonner Doll in the new year! You'll hear more about this in our January '09 annual holiday newsletter online. They've been in touch with me on what to do for a nice vintage doll and are looking at a 1930s Nancy Drew doll. More soon!

November 2008 Releases:

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Wedding Day Disaster
Papercutz Graphic Novels: #15 Tiger Counter

Check out my website for more news/updates/scoops:


If you didn't receive your Sept/Oct issue of The Sleuth, it's because you didn't resubscribe. To resubscribe, check out our website:

Those of you who didn't resubscribe received notices and those of you whose subscriptions ran out with our Sept/Oct issue or will run out with the upcoming Nov/Dec issue, have been mailed resubscriber notices with a special.


For those of you who have never checked our our own zine, The Sleuth, try it! Special: US subscribers: Suscribe by Dec. 20, pay only 30.00 for your subscription! That's an 8.00 savings! Outside USA: Take off 4.00 from the subscription cost. For a limited time, back issues for 5.00 each through Dec. 20. You may Pay Pal: or send a check to me at: Jennifer Fisher, P.O. Box 128, Higley, AZ 85236-0128


Convention Dates: Sept. 30 through Oct. 4, 2009. Las Vegas, NV.

Hotel: Excalibur Hotel (can't start booking yet though, will let you all know when you can...)

Check out info and coming updates at our website:

I hope to have more info by mid-Dec on registration fees, other activities and deadlines.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleuth John Axe

It is with sadness that I make this post today, I just couldn't yesterday. I spoke to Sleuth Rick yesterday and he let me know that John Axe passed away. For those of you who don't know John, he was a series book collector and had written several series book guides that were very nice. All About Collecting Boys' Series Books and All About Collecting Girls' Series Books and The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books. They are not in print anymore, but you can usually find copies of them at eBay or other online bookstores from time to time. He especially liked the Judy Bolton series and attended the Coundersport gathering each year, except for this past year. He had quite a wit about him and was very creative and talented, so it was sad to see him decline in the last year of his life. We used to exchange very entertaining e-mails and I have missed that over the last year. He always had something interesting to say and was a great help to collectors. He will definitely be missed!