Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #38

Meet Dean!

I've been reading series books nearly 50 years, and collecting for over 35. When I went into High School, I donated half my Hardy Boys books to the school library, the other half to the city library, and almost immediately regretted it. When I graduated, I started looking for the original Hardy Boys books in dust jackets and started haunting all the used book stores in southern Illinois and St. Louis. I started out just looking for jacketed HB books, but found a lot of other series at very low prices and started gathering them as well. Eventually, I started gathering the picture cover Hardys, then paperbacks, then a few foreign editions, . . . . .

I now have right at 700 Hardy Boys books, with examples in 18 languages and even one in Braille. . Other series and old kid's books number around 800, including about 200 Nancy Drew and Dana Girls.

I write the Dean's List for The Sleuth.



Anonymous said...

I almost missed Dean among the Nancy Drew clothes in the photo. I am so glad that he'll be at this year's convention--he is so much fun and so knowledgeable! Dede

LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

Somehow hunting books on the internet is not quite as much fun as hunting them in stores, is it? It will be fun to hit the used bookstores in Charlottesville. Looking forward to meeting you, Dean.

Janet said...

Dean and I are kindred spirits. Let's hope that your books instilled a love of Hardy Boys in some children. At least now we have the ways and means to buy and read books. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi LuAnn,

My Convention presentation is "Book Hunting Strategies for the 21st Century". Hope you find it informative and enjoy it!


Spotsam said...

I've got one book of Nancy Drew, 'Nancy's Mysterious letter'. It's a great book, but kinda predictable!

You can get Nancy Drew Computer games now, based on some of the books. The games are made by Her Interactive. I am ADDICTED to them. I'v got nine, and am saving up to buy some more! :)