Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nancy Drew Jewelry Update - Some Previews

Just wanted to follow up on the voting that went on a couple months ago that many of you voted in! We're getting ready to produce the jewelry and the top 2 images were the Tandy art of Nancy Drew from The Secret of the Old Clock and The Secret in the Old Attic in all Blog polls and Facebook postings. What I'm trying to do with this line is appeal to you guys, the collectors. Products you would want to see on the market that we can do in smaller runs than a big company would normally do or even envision for our market. We're a niche market after all. Guys included too--we'll have cufflinks and can do money clips if anyone is interested.

I've gotten some great mock ups of the line to preview here. It won't be in stock for another month or so but check these out. All jewelry is sterling silver plated and lead and nickel free--made in the USA by Classic Hardware! Very nice quality jewelry. These are captures from the PDF files I was sent so they're not the clearest but they will give a nice idea of how things will look. If you ever purchased the Nancy Drew jewelry from the Gumshoe Girls or their cases when they were in business a few years ago--it's the same company they used--Classic Hardware--and the same good quality.

Wallet cases are high quality steel cases with epoxy images--3" x 4" x .5". Necklace chains are 17". Bracelet chains are 8". Rings come in size 7 and 8 and we can also get 9.

-Wallet cases will sell for 36.00.
-Rings will sell for 22.00 and will come in sizes 7 and 8.
-Necklaces with silver chains will sell for 32.00.
-Necklaces with the beaded chains in either the blue opal or the cream pearl will sell for 40.00.
-Charm bracelets will sell for 32.00.
-Cufflinks (not pictured) will sell for 26.00 for a pair (same style as shown below)

Inside of case:

Necklaces with beads will have either blue opal beads or the cream pearl:

If you are interested in ordering, I'm taking pre-order e-mail RSVPs. We are going to be doing a limited run of each jewelry piece per image so once those are gone, that's it for that image. Therefore if you're interested in something, e-mail to reserve it: sleuths@ndsleuths.com. Not taking money right now, just e-mail me and say what art/what piece(s) you want to reserve. The line should be in stock 4 weeks+ from when I place the order. (Guys if you want those cufflinks or money clips, let me know!)

Doing it this way provides me with the knowledge of whether anyone is even interested in the line--and whether it's worth the investment for us.


Happy Halloween - Nancy Drew Halloween at Cafe Press

Time to begin planning for your Halloween parties and trick or treating adventures. We've added 5 styles of images for Halloween at our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop.

Totebags for trick or treating, buttons for favors, hostess aprons, lots of clothing and more!

See more samples below:


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free Ship at Cafe Press Through Aug 21st


Get free shipping on orders of $40.00 or more at our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop through August 21st! Use the code:



Nancy Drew Old Attic Watch!

Just added the new Old Attic style watch to the shop!



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sale: Nancy Drew Clutch Bags & Handbags NEW STYLES!

I've just put up 5 new styles of clutch handbags to the Sleuth Shop:


$5.00 off all handbags and clutch bags sale ongoing reflected at the website.

Which decade is your classic Nancy Drew? We've got 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s clutch bags. Something for all collectors and fans. Each bag features 4 images of Nancy from those decades.

I've also added a Clue Crew sling bag sleuth kit for the Clue Crew fans.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

July/August issue of The Sleuth

Our July/August 2010 issue of The Sleuth is being mailed.

Check out our website and subscribe, order back issues, etc.

Special: $3.00 each on back issues #1-23 if ordered by August 31! No postage additional. If you are in Canada or overseas, however, let me know so I can let you know the additional postage to send if you're ordering a lot of back issues. Send to:

Nancy Drew Sleuths
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

Or Pay Pal: nancydrewsleuth@aol.com

In this issue:

Calling All Sleuths: Editor’s Note By Jennifer Fisher

The Clue Conundrum: Classic Book Ghosts Match Up

A Host of Ghosts By Jennifer Fisher

The Nancy Drew Crookbook Part XII By Caroline Stellings

Deconstructing The Digests – Debunking The Misconceptions Surrounding The Nancy Drew Paperbacks #90 – The Puzzle at Pineview School By Todd H. Latoski

The Dean’s List – Sue Grafton, Ghostwriter By Dean Burcham

Nancy Drew: A Canadian Perspective – Asylum Review By Anthony Fournier

Series Spotlight: Getting to Know Mildred Wirt Benson: A First Time REader’s View – Mystery Stories For Girls: The Twin Ring Mystery By JK

Notes From The New Book The Boy Detectives: Essays On The Hardy Boys And Others By Michael G. Cornelius

Just Imagine…Nancy Drew and CompanY Mysteries By Darrell Jodt

Nancy Drew: Mysteries, Adventures and Detecting – Part II: Nancy Drew Adventurer By Pamela J. Horack

Crazy Eights with Michael G. Cornelius – The Mystery at Lilac Inn By Michael G. Cornelius

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: A Look Back at TV’s First Nancy Drew: Episode 2.7 3 (31) – Voodoo Doll Part I By Todd H. Latoski

The Quest: Digging For Treasure in the Stratemeyer Syndicate Records Part I By Meredith Jaffe

Preserving Series Books in University Special Collections By Dawn Allen

Nancy Drew News

Nancy Drew’s Survival Guide: Sleuth Lesson #24