Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #31

Win Nancy Drew Prizes!

I'm going to be giving away a prize a week here at the Blog leading up to the convention--there are 4 weeks so there will be 4 prizes. We are now at prize week #2 (see below for winner to week 1's prize) This week's prize is one of our Nancy Drew 1950s Clutch Bags as shown.

To win this prize, you must comment on this week's convention clues Blogs. I've posted 2 so far and there will be more later in the week. All those who comment (include your full name when commenting) will be entered into the drawing. Prizes will be given out at the convention.

These weekly prize drawings are only open to those attending the Charlottesville, VA convention!

Also, anyone who follows in LuAnn/Elizabeth/AB/Dawn/Janet/Lisa's footsteps and shares a photo of you and/or your collection and a brief bio and your collecting info, will also be entered to win that week's prize.

Last Week's Prize Winner: Elizabeth W.

Prize: Nancy Drew Hidden Window Coin Purse:



Janet said...

She is lucky. Those are the cutest! I like the daily reminders to look at the blog. Much of my emails are 'junk,' but when I get email from the Nancy Drew Sleuths, it makes my day!

Jenn said...

Thanks Janet :)