Friday, May 21, 2010

Simon & Schuster's Official Nancy Drew Website

Hey Sleuths,

Wanted to officially post about the new Simon & Schuster Nancy Drew website. They had some graphics issues at first so now that those are fixed, I wanted to pass along the link:

In putting this together, they reached out to all licensees including us to provide banners/widgets to advertise our groups and products. We have a whole page to ourselves--the fans area--which showcases my website and our Sleuths website plus our Twitter! So excited about that.

We also are on the apparel page for our Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop.

It will continue to grow as they add in more licensees and more related to the books but they do have a page with a cute Fan Club card and an invite for a Nancy Drew party that you can download and print out!

I had suggested some other things like interactive games and trivia and stuff like that so hopefully it will evolve into a more interactive website over time. But they liked the fan club card idea and added the party invite so that was fun.


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