Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shop at Cafe Press - How to Order & Support Us


When you place an order at our Cafe Press shop, please order directly from our shop page: NOT at the Cafe Press regular website using their search boxes aka their Markeplace.

When you shop at Cafe Press's Marketplace and/or use their search boxes, what happens is our commission on sales is about .30 cents to 1.00 or so instead of the usual 5.00 so Cafe Press is the one raking in all the $$$ instead of our group for our projects, website and conventions and advertising.

When I log in to our store, I can see the name of people who order and it shows me where the order came from--our shop or the Cafe Press marketplace and I'm seeing the majority of sales from just the marketplace and not our shop.

Just bookmark our shop's site or remember that it's nancydrewshop that comes after the We also have links to our shop at our websites and my Nancy Drew site if you can't remember the url. We mark up items only 5.00 (our profit) and then pins/single cards at only 1.00, so we're not making a large amount on the sales to begin with. Our effort to keep the items in the store fairly inexpensive for collectors and fans to purchase.

Thanks for your continued support :)


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