Saturday, May 29, 2010

AZ Sleuths Book Discussion Group: Hollow Oak & Ivory Charm

Our local AZ Sleuths got together for our May 29th meeting at the Barnes & Noble store in Chandler. Attending besides myself were Becky, Gail, Tina, Beth-Marie, Judy, Dede, Laura, and Arlene.

We began with some show and tell. Laura, Dede, and Judy brought scrapbooks they'd been working on from the last 2 conventions. Shown above is Dede's Vegas scrapbook.

Gail completed a magnifying glass project with a cute decoupaged box

Inside the box - Got a clue? Nancy Drew!

Dede created a scrappy frame for the convention this year

A page from Laura's scrapbook from this year's convention

Nancy Drew paper specially created

Becky's handmade Old Clock tee

Dede & Judy

Beth-Marie and Tina

Gail and Becky

Laura and Arlene

We discussed The Message in the Hollow Oak and The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. Most liked the revised version of Hollow Oak better. The Nappi third art for Hollow Oak was enjoyed due to the spooky scene. The 2nd Nappi art for Ivory Charm was preferred over the others.


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