Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Land Con Pt 4

Fri. April 9 - Treasure Hunting Day & Informal Convention Activities

Today we followed in Nancy Drew's footsteps again from the Moss Mansion book. In the book, she and her chums visit the Real 8 Treasure Museum. The booty from that real-life museum came from a treasure haul that also found some of it's treasures ending up at the FL State run McClarty Treasure Museum which is still in operation. We visited that museum down in Vero Beach FL.

Johnny, Laura, and Jim

Karen and Lisa

Amanda is sporting Nancy shoes and a Nancy top!

We also visited Mel Fisher's museum to do more souvenir shopping.

And then there was the brief stop at the former Real 8 Treasure museum, just as it was described in the book-an octogon shaped with the columns which apparently Nancy and her chums hid behind to spy on the crooks they tricked into showing up at the museum. While no crooks showed up that day, there were definitely customers heading into what is now an adult video store, wondering why this group of sleuth members were out taking photos and posing behind the columns so mysteriously! Oh the irony!

Briefly we stopped at the Cocoa Beach Pier for a little relaxation before heading back to the hotel to set up for our informal convention activities.

Rudy and Peggy Nappi set up some of Rudy's artwork for everyone to check out.

Janet gave a presentation on Florida History that was interesting.

Laura from Moxie & Co, licensing agents for some of Simon & Schuster's children's publishing including Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys discussed licensing with us and gained some feedback from members on what they liked and didn't like as far as the books and collectibles go.


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