Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Land Con Pt 5

Sat. April 10 - Convention Day & Mystery Dinner

Today was our convention day with a raffle to benefit the Merritt Island Public Library and a day of speakers and awards presentations.

I spoke about Nancy Drew and her fans. Laura Ruby spoke about her Nancy Drew art series.

Jessica Chiang of Her Interactive speaks about the computer games

I gave Todd our first The Sleuth Award and then presented Rudy with our Honorary Sleuth Award.

Todd spoke about ND/HB crossovers

Judy and Dede spoke about Nancy Drew crafts

Rudy, Jim, & Jarrell

Todd and Johnny's shenanigans

Todd and David's Fortin's beamer creation from the Moss Mansion book for the mystery dinner turned out clever.

Some of Nancy Drew illustrator Rudy Nappi's Paintings

Gina, Kelly, Lisa, and Mary

Tolling Bell Ghost & Ira Nixon

Lea's Mysterious Mannequin costume

Janet, Carol, and Laurie

Following our convention day, we held our mystery dinner with a Moss Mansion hunt to find a tool that would dismantle villain Fortin's beamer from the book. Most everyone came in costume as their favorite Nancy Drew character or something related to the books.


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