Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Cruise Pt. 3

Wed. April 14 - Day at Sea

Well you may be wondering about the statue above. Let's just say we were in Michelangelo's Lounge and there were lots of reproduction Greek statues. Shenanigans ensued. Hey, that's just how we roll...

Today we held 4 presentations in the morning from Todd, myself, Carolyn Dyer and Rudy Nappi. Rudy did some demonstrations with Elizabeth to show how he would pose models:

In the afternoon we wrapped up the scavenger hunt and held a costume party like in the revision of Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk. Here are some of the costumes:

Debbie and Jenn as George's costume from Brass-Bound Trunk

Gina as Snowball, Nancy's cat!

Elizabeth M. as Madame Cully from OT Moss-Mansion

Wendy as The Old Clock

Carolyn as the Digger Man from the Digger Eps

Dede as OT Missing Map Nancy

Wrapping up the Scavenger Hunt

Todd and David's prize

We all had a great time on the cruise and plan to do another in a couple of years!


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