Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Cruise Pt. 1

Sun. April 11 - Cruising to the Bahamas

After we got our Bon Voyage wave from some landlubbers who couldn't make it, we headed off to our Carnival cruise ship, The Sensation.

Our first day on the ship was filled with lunch, exploring the sights of the ship, the sail away with lots of people waving and shouting from shore and then just lots of water all around us. We were headed for our first destination--Freeport.

That night we held a brief meet and greet. Laurie and I got a bit turned around trying to get to the top deck with the mini golf and nearly blown off the deck. My it was a bit windy! We met up with the rest of the crowd inside. The scavenger hunt began after I passed out sheets that included some items Nancy looked for in Double Crossing. A bonus item was decided upon that was a towel from the Men's locker room an item she found in the book but one I didn't include in the list.

Tues. April 12 - Freeport & Formal Night

Freeport greeted us with lots of clouds and rain. Some of us had our shore excursions canceled so we had to take alternate ones. From swimming with dolphins, cruises around the waterways to shopping, there was something for everyone!

In the afternoon we held a book discussion but it didn't seem like very many had read the books for the discussion so that didn't last too long. We played a brief "ice breaker" game Heroes and Villains with people trying to find out if they were a Nancy Drew hero or a villain.

Our last main event was the formal night on the ship in which we dressed up for dinner. That was a lot of fun.

Rudy and Peggy Nappi, Sue, Jessica, Gina

Jenn, Will, Karen, Arlene, Laura, Laurie

Meredith, Elizabeth M., Jennifer, Kelly, Heidi, Morgan, Wendy, Carolyn

Debbie, Glen, Debra, Dale, Patricia, Christine

Christina, Elizabeth W., Nancy, and Clinton

Marita, Dede, Judy

Lois, Cynthia, David, Todd, Jim, Johnny

Jeremy and Chris

Meredith with the Nappis

Following dinner we met up on the "Serenity Now" deck to chat.


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