Friday, May 14, 2010

News & Updates for Sleuth Members

Hi Sleuths,

Just a quick note. I appreciate all the e-mails and cards about my grandmother's passing, thanks so much. I just got back to town late Monday night so I've been scrambling to catch up on orders, bills, and getting The Sleuth out which have kept me busy until this afternoon. I've spent about 1 day at home in the last 5 weeks so this is quite an adjustment getting back to the routine.

I've got a lot of e-mails to go through and return and lots of our projects and conventions and things to get back to working on. There's so much going on with Nancy Drew right now and the 80th that I feel almost lost trying to catch up but I'm fairly good at multi-tasking so hopefully will be up to speed shortly.

Expect a lot of updates from me in the coming two weeks here at this group, at our Blog:

Our Facebook/Twitter:

Our Discussion Group:

And personal e-mails to all Sleuth members on some items. If you normally don't read all my posts here, now might be a good time if you want to stay caught up on what's going on and stay current.

I appreciate your patience the last month with everything going on. I do so much for this group in running it, that when things are going on with me personally then everything, and you all get affected but I've tried to update everyone as best I can here and other outlets we have for news and updates.

I don't mean to let anyone slip through the cracks but not everyone is here at the discussion group, reads the Blogs or is on the Twitter or Facebook or updates their changing e-mails with me, so it can be a a challenge to get out the word about stuff going on (and delays/problems) to everyone.

I know everyone is enthusiastic and gung ho about things and that's great but please be patient with me in my time of trying to catch up on everything and get back up to speed on what all is going on. And check back regularly over the next couple weeks for news and updates as I go through my ever increasing gargantuan to-do list ;)


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