Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Land Con Pt 3

Thurs. April 8 - Moss-Mansion Day & Mystery Manor Book Shop

Today was our day to walk in Nancy Drew's footsteps from the revision of #18 Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion. In the book, Nancy and her chums visited NASA several times. Though we didn't foil any plots surrounding exploding oranges nor get tear-gassed by any fake bearded photographers, we did have a fun time exploring NASA. We spotted some alligators like Nancy and her pals did in the book, we explored the various sites the buses took us to and of course shopped for souvenirs. Nancy purchased a small model rocket in the book and so I strove to search for one myself to purchase for fun.

Gina and Todd's Shenanigans

Mary and Janet

Following our tours at NASA, we stopped by Policicchio Groves for a short tour about the grounds and discovered someone picking oranges:

We also stopped for a quick trip into Historic Cocoa Beach before heading off to Judi's Mystery Manor Book Shop in Melbourne:

We knew there would be lots of series books, but we had NO IDEA of the fabulous variety and some whole sets of series for sale! There were all kinds of editions, formats, first printings, collectibles, 1930s Nancy Drew movie memorabilia, and foreign editions! It was truly a collector's dream. We were also treated to some fabulous hors d'oeuvres.

Judi Poses In Front of just One Fabulous Section!

Just a corner area!

Tables full of collectibles!

Nancy, Todd, Elizabeth

Jim spots a cool foreign Nancy!

After our visit of several hours and many purchases later, we sadly left this little series book haven and headed back to the hotel. Some of us brought out our purchases for "show and tell" to share what we had bought. I think many of found and grabbed things and had our little stacks going here and there around the room and were so busy looking we didn't spend much time seeing what others had found. So, it was fun to see what kinds of things everyone had discovered.

Jim found a Wanderer hardcover with dust jacket signed by Nancy S. Axelrad. I managed to also purchase one of those hardcovers and didn't even notice that my copy was too signed by Nancy S. Axelrad so it was an awesome discover by Jim!

If anyone wants to contact Judi to add to their collections -


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