Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Sleuths Land Con Pt 2

Wed. April 7 - Carol's, Book Hunting, Todd's

Today was a fun day for exploring Carol and Todd's collections and doing some great book hunting! We started off at Carol's house for brunch (delicious!) and a Nancy Drew trivia show put on by Curtis who does this professionally. See his trivia sheet below - one of many that had some fans stumped! :

Johnny checks out Carol's collection.

Our two sets of trivia winning teams! Ornaments from our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop and stationary items from Chronicle Books.

Then it was on to being bused around to various book stores for book hunting. And there were quite a few books to be found! Lea found the scarce Rick Brant's Science Projects book. Judi found an outline of a body and posed accordingly!

Gina, Elizabeth and Dede search for that rare find!

A Gillie's Style Nancy Pose for Mary, Todd, and Lea

Todd and Lea check out the crammed shelves and stacks at Cliff's

Following our adventures book hunting all day we ended up at Todd and David's place to view their various collections including Todd's series book and Nancy Drew collection.

Here's a group photo in front of some of Todd's posters and Nancy Drew artwork

More of Todd's collection

All day people had been playing a classifieds challenge like from Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion using the code from that book as their guide. At the end of the evening everyone's answers were tallied and winners were drawn to receive autographed books by Frank Sofo for Lost in the Everglades, one of the last few digest paperbacks in keeping with a Florida theme.

Todd served really cool "exploding orange" cupcakes to go along with the Moss-Mansion theme.

All Spooky glowing in the dark!

We trudged back to our hotel off the bus weary from a very long day but excited at all our purchases and the goody bags full of loot that were handed out at the party.


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