Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #8

Nancy Drew visits Monticello!

In the classic Nancy Drew book #34, The Hidden Window Mystery, Nancy Drew visits Monticello, the home of our late President and Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson.

Some text from the book as Nancy and her chums and cousin Susan Carr set off for sightseeing:

"As they drove along, Susan reminded the others that Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, had served as American minister to France. While there he had become interested in Roman architecture by observing famous ruins. After his return to Virginia, he had designed his home, Monticello, in this style." (pg. 71, original text)

The girls also learn that Jefferson was an inventor and found an arrangement where one of the beds was set between two rooms so that Jefferson could get out on either side in which ever room he wanted to, to be attractive. Bess noted, "That's for me! You'd never get out on the wrong side of the bed in the morning!" (pg. 72, original text)

There's a lot to see and do at Monticello and many tours to take. The Nancy Drew Sleuths will be taking the basic tour of the house and grounds. There are several other tours one can take following that--visit the Monticello Website for more details.



Anonymous said...

I love American history -- wanted to be a history teacher (in addition to being Nancy Drew) when I was a kid. Can't wait to see Jefferson's home!
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL

Jenn said...

I had a history minor that nearly was a major, love history so I'm very much looking forward to the visit! I'm also going to go visit James Madison's home prior to the convention beginning.