Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #4

Missing mail, an old stained glass window, and peacocks. Let's discuss!

I thought I would highlight our upcoming Nancy Drew convention theme book, The Hidden Window Mystery. As always, we like to follow in Nancy Drew's footsteps, so we'll be having a discussion of the book, visiting sights that Nancy and her chums did, and other local places of interest. This book has the 1956 original text version (25 chapters) and the 1975 revision (20 chapters). There are few differences between the two versions other than one being shorter, but no new sub-plots or major scenes were added as with some revisions.

A Few Fast Facts:

Original Ghostwriter: Harriet Adams

1 Illustrator: Rudy Nappi

Synopsis From My Website:

The search for a missing stained glass window takes Nancy, Bess, and George on a journey to Charlottesville, Virginia when they stumble upon a mysterious ghost haunting a mansion.

This mystery is rather quaint and takes place during the spring in Charlottesville, VA right before and then during Garden Week--a very lush beautiful time of year. Nancy's search for the hidden window, the old homes in Charlottesville, and the sightseeing are fun and this reads like a nice travelogue of the area. The home cooking by Nancy's cousin Susan Carr's housekeeper just sounds scrumptious! All in all, it's got a search for a long lost family heirloom (the window), some ghostly goings on that may or may not involve peacocks, and other intrigue. I enjoyed it. Nancy's compact ruse to explore the grounds of the stained glass maker was clever but didn't work out to well for her in the end.

Original vs. Revised - 4 Interesting Clues:

1. George's clothes in the original are described as "tailored." In the revision they are "sporty."

2. In the revision, Nancy notes that it's illegal to send cash through the mail--this is not in the original.

3. The revision erases all traces of mammies and "colored" people.

4. Beulah in the original becomes Anna in the revision.

3 Mysterious Things About Nancy:

1. She keeps a wrench in her car.

2. Her mother's maiden name was Austin.

3. She likes to donate contest winnings to charity.

An Important Lesson We Learned From Nancy:

In case you're caught sleuthing where you shouldn't be, it helps if you've prearranged a ruse for being there as a cover!

Sleuthworthy Rating on a Scale of 1-10:

8-Enjoyed the setting and historical significance of the area. Nice travelogue.


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Anonymous said...

I've read both versions of the book (to get into convention mode)and did notice the differences listed. I'm a nurse and enjoyed that the doctor came to the scene of the accident from his home. As a child growing up in the 1950's I do remember our family doctor making home visits, but I doubt he'd have go out to an accident!
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL