Monday, January 10, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #6

Books set in Virginia

Our Nancy Drew convention theme is the classic Nancy Drew book #34, The Hidden Window Mystery which was set in Charlottesville. No others were set there but if you're traveling through Virginia and surrounding areas like Washington DC, there are other VA/DC theme books:


Charlottesville - #34 The Hidden Window Mystery

Quantico - Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery: Spies & Lies

Williamsburg - Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery: Exhibition of Evil

Alexandria - Nancy Drew Files #7 Deadly Doubles

Suburbs of DC - Nancy Drew Campfire Stories Paperback: #2 The Perfect Prince


Classic Nancy Drew Book #13 - The Mystery of the Ivory Charm (original text)- visits the White House

Classic Nancy Drew Paperback #124 - The Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Classic Nancy Drew Paperback #142 - The Case of Capital Intrigue

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery: Desperate Measures

Nancy Drew Files #29 Pure Poison

Where to get them? Most are out of print so:

Wherever you travel, visit for a map of locations where books were set!


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Anonymous said...

I'm excited to be conventioning in such a historic location! My plans include extra time to visit Richmond (I'm assuming they will offer me keys to the city because my name is Richmond) to see the Confederate Civil War Museum and some local war-related sites. I'm a HUGE Civil War buff.
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL