Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #10

Let's Go To The Hop!
Fabulous Fifties - Nancy Drew Style

With the classic Nancy Drew book #34, The Hidden Window Mystery, being set in 1956, the Nancy Drew Sleuths will have a fifties theme at our mystery dinner during the Nancy Drew convention. Members are encouraged to come in costume and as a favorite Nancy Drew character--either a character from this book or others. Those who don't wear costumes should wear dressy attire.
Whether you plan on doing a jive or just solving a mystery or two, get in the spirit! Here's a little inspiration to set the mood to find your thrill on Blueberry Hill:

Bobby Soxers!

Fifties Convertible Anyone?
Poodle Skirts for the ladies
Letterman Jackets for the dudes
Fifties Polka Dot Dress

The June Cleaver

Pink Ladies!
Fifties Rock 'N' Roll Dancing anyone?



Anonymous said...

I grew up in the 'fabulous fifties' but never had a poodle skirt -- still have saddle shoes and my high school sweater I use for class reunions. Now I'm torn between dressing up with peacock accessories or doing the bobby soxer theme!
Kathleen Richmond
Oak Forest IL

Jenn said...


Don't feel like you have to go with a bobby soxer/poodle skirt--I know some who are just going dressy and with peacock accessories so that's OK too! Or you could dazzle us with a costume change halfway through and mix it up with both ideas--ha!