Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nancy Drew Event at UC San Diego in August!

If you're nearby or in San Diego, the Univ. of San Diego is putting on a Nancy Drew exhibit in August - 1st through 31st with Nancy Drew collectibles/books on display. They're having live events on August 15 and 17 with lots of fun stuff going on including a "radio" interview with me where they'll phone me and we'll chat for the audience to hear!

Here's a blurb from their website which has the dates/times/directions:

"This summer, we celebrate all things Nancy Drew. Does she represent ''girl power'' better than any other pop icon? Is she our favorite feminist? This exhibit of Nancy Drew books, Nancy Drew memorabilia and serious Nancy Drew scholarship will feature a live event with refreshments prepared from the Nancy Drew Cookbook. At the live event, classic Nancy Drew mysteries will be performed in the style of old time radio drama entertainment. Actors from San Diego's Write Out Loud project will assist. Sounds & music provided by Scott Paulson and the Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra. A live phone-in radio interview with Nancy Drew expert Jenn Fisher is featured at the live events."

I hope some of you can make it--I'd love to get photos of the exhibit and live events if you can attend for The Sleuth and this Blog!


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