Sunday, June 1, 2008

May '08 E-News & Clues



Welcome to our new E-News & Clues format! From now on, all E-News & Clues each month will be posted to our Blog! Check them out, comment on them and chat with other members in the comments section! Or use the above e-mail to e-mail me privately. I think most of you will find this format preferable.

In this month's news: John Axe Update, Blog Updates, Convention Updates/Reminders, The Sleuth/Subscriber Special, Nancy Drew Book Theme Gift Exchange, and Latest Nancy Drew News/Releases.


ur dear friend and series book collector/author John Axe is doing really well! I wanted to update everyone on that. I'm sure he has appreciated your well wishes during this time. If you'd like to send a card to John, contact me and I'll give you his address.


Check out below if you haven't already seen the new pictures added:

Sleuth Dean, Nancy Drew Car, Nancy Drew Costume pictures.


The deadline to register for this year's Sleuth convention is June 15. You can snail mail a check or Pay Pal. All the info you need for the convention and how to register is located at our website:

We'll be having between 30 and 50 Sleuths attending this year, come see us!


***Check out the very bottom of this Blog page for a poll regarding The Sleuth. We'd like to know what your favorite features are and other interests! Polls are anonymous. Select all that apply.***

Our May/June issue of The Sleuth will be mailed around the 10th of June and has an interesting focus on Nancy Drew and the law! Lots of good articles this issue. Look for a future Blog entry on this issue.

Special: If you haven't subscribed before, check us out. Sample a back issue or jump right in with a subscription--you won't be disappointed! For new subscribers, take 3.00 off your total through June 30:


See the image at the top of this blog for a visual on what you can do with a vintage book!

We're going to try something new! We're going to have a special crafts exchange this summer. It will work like the usual exchange where you make a gift and send it to a fellow Sleuth member. You in return will also receive a gift from another Sleuth member. The theme of this exchange is crafting items using vintage Nancy Drew books. Now before some of you pass out, my suggestion is to use worn out falling apart books, not a new vintage book if you're going to alter the book in any way. Some things we have seen done with vintage books: journals, clocks, lamps, purses. There are so many other things that could be done. I'd like to see how crafty everyone can get! The great thing is, that you'll get something really neat and crafty back for all your hard work in designing your gift to a fellow Sleuth! Need a worn out book? You can find plenty cheap on eBay!

Join up for this exchange by July 1, shipping gifts around mid-July. We have had dwindling numbers in the exchanges the last couple years, so I'd like to see if this special theme exchange helps encourage more to participate!


May 2008:

Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew: The Zoo Crew
Papercutz: Doggone Town

June 2008:

Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Pageant Perfect Crime
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys: Danger Overseas



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Hi Jenn,
This blog look great!
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Jenn said...

Thanks Dore! I hope that everyone else enjoys it too:) I think the visual E-News will be nicer too than just an e-mail.