Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Sneaky Sleuth Gift

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all doing great! We had a few people sign up for our spring/summer exchange and I've seen a couple of postings to the group about gifts received. They're lots of fun and I encourage you all to participate at least once in an exchange! Not only do you get to do something fun and creative, you also receive something neat in return:) Check the "members only" section and sleuth in the "gift exchanges" sub-section for pictures of gifts that Sleuths have received in the exchanges!

To my surprise, I received a box postmarked Iowa in the mail from a "Sneaky Sleuth!" I didn't participate in the exchange as I generally run them all and am not able. So it was really sweet that one of you took the time to think of me and I really appreciate that:)

I have a suspect in mind and have e-mailed you:)

I wanted to share some photos with you all of the gift I received. The theme was The Sign of the Twisted Candles and it came with a neat card. And there were images of the original and revised text versions. There was a neat collage/shadow box featuring the Tandy illustration along with 2 twisted candles, a silver platter and a tea set to go with it. A fun sudoku puzzle Nancy Drew style. There was a neat journal with the name "Nancy" on it and a set of cute pens. A set of neat handmade cards with artwork from Twisted Candles, Old Album, Dancing Puppet, and Jewel Box. A neat planner. And a really cute shelf of miniature Nancy Drew books: UK Larkspur Lane, Moss Mansion, Broken Locket, Shadow Ranch, Wooden Lady, Old Clock, Hidden Staircase, Haunted Showboat, Hidden Window, Hollow Oak, Mysterious Letter, Tapping Heels, and Twisted Candles.

I absolutely love it and I thank my Sneaky Sleuth:)


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