Monday, June 30, 2008

June '08 E-News & Clues



Hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far and making time for a little summer reading! You can subscribe to these postings using the subscriber link at the bottom of the page! Check out my Nancy Drew blog for some new collectible finds and some neat gaming news and images:

I have overhauled our Nancy Drew Sleuths website with quite a lot of new changes and updates, making it more streamlined and adding some fun touches. Check out the changes at the site and in the "Members Only" section:

Registration has closed now for the 2008 PA Witch Tree Convention and we'll have nearly 60 people attending! Hope you all are ready to walk in Nancy's footsteps and eat some Shoefly Pie! Information on next year's convention below.

In this month's E-News & Clues Blog entry: Nancy Drew News, Website Changes, Convention News, The Sleuth: May/June '08, Sleuth Members Map/Get Togethers, and Sleuth Gift Exchanges.


June Releases:

--Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Pageant Perfect Crime
--Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys: Danger Overseas


As noted above, we have revamped the website in some areas, so have fun sleuthing through the site. Our Members Only section has a nice update as well. If you have any issues logging in, e-mail me.


If you couldn't make this year's convention, plan ahead/save for the next few years! If you're wondering about Hawaii, never fear, it's on the list :) Check out our tentative schedule (tentative past 2010):

2009: October. Las Vegas, NV. Forgotten City/Venice/CSI Theme

2010: 80TH ANNIV OF ND SPRING (April)

Florida & Cruise. We’ll spend a couple of days in Florida and 4 days at sea! Nancy Drew's 80TH anniversary & NDSleuths 10th Anniversary Fun!

2011: Charlottesville, VA. Hidden Window. (Spring–April when book set)

2012: Spring: Hawaii, Golden Pavilion (Mar. Or April)

2013: Florida Keys. Crocodile Island. Spring

2014: Maine for Tolling Bell Theme Spring or Fall

2015: Cooperstown, NY for Mirror Bay Theme. Spring or Fall


Check out our latest issue of The Sleuth:

Theme: Nancy Drew & The Law. We're looking for columnists and regular writers, so contact me if you're interested! I'm interested in articles on other series as well for our series spotlight column.

Haven't subscribed yet?! Take 3.00 off your subscription total if you subscribe by July 31st. How to subscribe can be found on the above website link.


Check out the Blog entry below: we're working on organizing members regionally. Start a book collector group/discussion group at your local library or book store and recruit new members aka book hunting/get together pals :) The map of Sleuths by state/country can be found here and also in the Blog posting below this one:


Finalized: 2 exchanges per year from now on. Spring: April: Nancy Drew's Birthday Exchange and Fall: October: Spooky Sleuths Halloween Exchange. Check out the "Members Only" section for more info!


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