Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nancy Drew 2012 Convention Clues Wrap Blog #4

March 19-25, Part IV

Friday, March 23:

We began  our day with presentations in the morning and early afternoon. Our first speaker was David Baumann whose presentation The X Bar X Boys - Sons of the Golden West was very informative and interesting! One connection to Nancy Drew aside from being a Stratemeyer Syndicate series was that Nancy Drew ghostwriter Walter Karig also wrote for this series briefly. 

Our next speaker was Dede Agosta and she did a comparison of Beverly Gray and Nancy Drew: Mystery, Adventure and Romance: The Nancy Drew & Beverly Gray Series, A Fan's Comparison. It was interesting for fans to see how similar (and not so similar) Nancy Drew and Beverly Gray are. 

After lunch, the crowed was excited to see David Farah's presentation, Millie Benson and Her First Little Convention or Big Doings in Little Wabash which centered around the 1990 Phantom Friend event in Wabash in which Dave showed up with Millie Benson, Nancy Drew's first ghostwriter. Millie spoke to the fans and answered questions and signed books. Dave also gave a presentation at the event. So he shared stories behind the scenes and then he played the DVD of the event to everyone. He also gave out some mystery envelopes to everyone with interesting paper ephemera items related to Nancy Drew and Millie Benson.

After Dave's presentation we held a scrap handbag craft session where participants used cardstock, embellishments, buttons, and ribbon to scrap and alter discarded Nancy Drew pocketbook mystery bags. Here are some of the results:


The ever talented Scott Paulson from UCSD put on an old time Nancy Drew radio drama live that involved The Secret of Shadow Ranch and people reading roles from a script he wrote while combining that with sound effects of which Scott is a master at--he had several tables of various objects and instruments to create sound effects. He also used volunteers from the audience to work items to add sound effects--like bubble wrap for fireworks and some objects to make hoof beats plus an accordion. Everyone enjoyed participating! For those of you who didn't attend this year's event, it was certainly one of our super fun highlights of the whole convention!

Following the radio drama, Dave Farah was back to teach a Country & Western dance class to everyone who partnered up and learned various steps and then we danced! I thought everyone did a great job. After the dance, the Chums and I along with some others took Dave to the bar and grill for drinks and chatted for several hours about fascinating topics like the mysterious portions of a script in one of the mystery packets...


Stay Tuned for Part 5 Tomorrow...


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