Friday, April 6, 2012

Nancy Drew 2012 Convention Clues Wrap Blog #2

March 19-25, Part II

Wednesday, March 21:

Wednesday was our Western/AZ day to celebrate our theme books, The Secret at Shadow Ranch and The Kachina Doll Mystery as well as other western series books and those set in Arizona. We started out at the Goldfield Ghost Town for the first par of the day. Members took part in our ode to The Amazing Race called The Amazing Case and they divided into groups.

Each group had to put together a puzzle of cattle brands and then decipher them into a phrase which read, "Green Bottle in Cellar." If they figured it out, they got their first clue which sent them on a race around the ghost town collecting other clues at various spots like the bakery, livery, rattlesnake exhibit, and the church which had the last clue. Then they raced down the town to the train depot to win the race. Winners got Shadow Ranch journals and Her Interactive Nancy Drew Computer Games. Everyone got little mini Shadow Ranch books and a reproduction of the letter that cowboy outlaw Dirk Valentine sent to Frances Humber about his treasure in Shadow Ranch.

After that, members toured the town, rode the train, visited the mine, went horseback riding, shopping, saw some rattlesnakes and other creatures, panned for gold, and ate lunch. We headed off to Canyon Lake on a very winding road that headed through the mountains with a nice view of the desert landscape and all the saguaro cacti. At Canyon Lake, we boarded the Dolly Steamboat for a relaxing nature cruise. The weather was perfect and we even spotted some big horn sheep up on the cliff edges as well as a bald eagle in its nest.

On the way to dinner, we stopped at an antique mall in Apache Junction, Patterns of the Past Antique Mall, and members checked out the various series books and antiques. Elizabeth found the perfect item--a fleur-de-lis watch pin, just like Nancy got in Shadow Ranch! It couldn't have been a more perfect find, though it didn't have a picture or any treasure clues inside ;-)

Our last stop was the Rockin' R Ranch in Mesa, AZ where we were treated to an old-time western town layout with a saloon with saddle seats, shops, and a shooting attraction. Don't mess with Kelly!

Finally it was time for dinner and we were sat in the VIP section near the stage. Dinner was BBQ beef and chicken, beans, baked potatoes, applesauce, spice cake, biscuits, and lemonade. Then the Rockin' R Wranglers put on an old time western cowboy stages how that was fun. Somehow some of us ended up on stage, though I tried to hide under the table. We managed to "attempt" to lasso with some rope. And feel silly! All in good fun! 

Sleuth Mary took charge of everyone and the bus headed back to the resort. Kelly, Gina and I, however, were headed off in my trusty on our own for another important mission...

Stay Tuned for Part 3 Tomorrow...


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Elizabeth Walters said...

This day was unbelievably fun and Nancy Drew-like! If there's another convention in Phoenix, I still have a lot to explore at Goldfield Ghost Town! And not to brag, BUT because of the puzzle-solving genius of Janis Morelli, the stoicism of Cynthia Bezik, and the sportsmanship of A.B. Walters, OUR TEAM WON THE CHALLENGE! Haha!