Friday, September 9, 2011

Nancy Drew in October 2011 Country Living Magazine

Nancy Drew in October 2011 Country Living!

Calling All Nancy Drew Fans!

My Nancy Drew collection is profiled in the October 2011 issue of Country Living--I'm very excited about this :)

If you've found my Blog via this spooktacular October issue, there's more to come!

Leading up to spooky Halloween we'll be having some fun here at the Blog including:

Vintage Nancy Drew Books
Prize Giveaways
A Nancy Drew Blog Party
Collecting & Selling Tips
Highlights of What's at eBay
Nancy Drew Halloween Party Planning
Things We've Learned from Nancy Drew
Book Reviews
Nancy Drew Convention Highlights
Nancy Drew Sleuths Fan Group Info
Nancy Drew Books & Collectibles
Nancy Drew's Mysterious History
& Many More Mysterious Things!

More Clues Coming Soon...


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