Thursday, August 25, 2011

July/August 2011 Issue of The Sleuth

Our July/August 2011 issue of our Nancy Drew and series books zine The Sleuth is in the mail! Preview the issue below and at our website. You can subscribe there, purchase back issues, or send in a printable PDF form from the website to:

Nancy Drew Sleuths
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

Back issue special $3.00 ea through Sept. 15, 2011. Not reflected at the website, so send in checks or money orders to the above address or send a Pay Pal to: or e-mail to request an invoice (

In This Issue:

Calling All Sleuths: Editor’s Note By Jennifer Fisher

The Clue Conundrum: Sister Sleuths Match Game

Three Thrilling Series By Jennifer White

The Nancy Drew Crookbook Part XVIII By Caroline Stellings

Nancy Drew: A Canadian Perspective – Who’s Hot, Who’s Not Review By Anthony Fournier

Crazy Eights with Michael G. Cornelius – The Clue of the Black Keys By Michael G. Cornelius

Nancy Drew Releases

Deconstructing The Digests – Debunking The Misconceptions Surrounding The Nancy Drew Paperbacks #96 – The Case of the Photo Finish By Todd H. Latoski

Getting to Know Mildred Wirt Benson: A First Time Reader’s View – Through The Moon-Gate Door By JK

The Centerfold Case: The William Land Collection

Reflections on The Clue in the Old Album and a Bit More About Gypsies By Katherine Reynolds

What’s In A Name? Alternate Titles For The First Nancy Drew Paperbacks By Todd H. Latoski

Pop Sleuth…Nancy Drew Sightings

The Dean’s List – Sister Sleuths (and Sisters of Sleuths) By Dean Burcham

Sleuthing Outside the Box for Series Books By Jim McNamara

Clues From The Sleuthing Scene

Mysterious Madge Sterling Part I By Jennifer Fisher

2012 Nancy Drew & Sleuth Con Conventions

Nancy Drew’s Survival Guide: Sleuth Lesson #30

The Scoop on Upcoming Issues, Clue Conundrum Answers

Classic Nancy Drew Book Illustrations Series #18: The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion


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