Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Nancy Drew Sleuths Convention Wrap Up Part 4

At 7:30, Nancy Drew Sleuths met for our mystery dinner banquet with a planned Clue game that never was completed (It was Professor Plum in the Kitchen with the Knife!), a costume contest, and our Nancy Drew gift exchange.

Nancy Drew Gift Exchange Clue Game

Gifts included Nancy Drew Clue games, framed prints, jewelry, and decoupaged items. The theme was 1950s and peacocks, so we had an array of 50s gals and gents and lots of peacock ladies plus other Nancy Drew characters lurking about.

Sleuth Dean made quite an entrance with envelopes flying as Mr. Ritter from The Hidden Window.

Peacock Ladies

Sleuth Alexa brought everyone the cutest peacock keychains too! We even managed to set a tablecloth briefly on fire…

Gift Exchange Goodies

The following morning, some had breakfast and gathered for goodbyes before we headed off for other adventures... Until 2012, Happy Sleuthing!


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