Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Nancy Drew Sleuths Convention Wrap Up Part 3

Our Nancy Drew convention day began with an hour of browsing and raffle ticket contemplation. We had an array of Sleuth merchandise, vintage books, and some Nancy Drew original art on display by Sleuth Jim. We began the day with Elizabeth Milias talking about Collecting Nancy, Lisa Kwong read some of her Nancy Drew poetry, and Michael G. Cornelius spoke about Vicki Barr and then made us laugh about the Crazy Eights from Hidden Window.

After a lunch break, we were treated with presentations from local author Meredith Cole who was inspired by Nancy Drew, I spoke about mysteries and hauntings behind the scenes of Nancy Drew, and Laurie Clarke talked about her experience with Antiques Roadshow in which her collection nearly made it on the show!

The Carolina Sleuths put together a neat toast to Nancy’s talents that was a hoot! Dean Burcham showed us an amazing array of books he’s found at antique malls over the years—were can I find these antique malls! Lea S. Fox, Carol Dierksen, Janet DeVries, and Meredith Jaffe were on a panel about Nancy Drew as a “Cosmo Girl” which was a response to the Bouchercon mystery convention’s panel that suggested that she was in October 2010.

Throughout the day we gave away prizes in the raffle like the 80th Anniversary Hidden Staircase Standup, signed Nancy Drew books, puzzles, and handcrafted Nancy Drew items.

To Be Continued...


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