Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop vs. CP Markeplace Buys


A few clues on shopping at Cafe Press. Thanks for holiday orders from our Cafe Press shop:

Several things in this note: CP Marketplace Rip Offs, How to shop the Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop.

One thing I've pointed out before is that we don't get much of a commission on Cafe Press "marketplace" orders. Another thing I noticed today, was that a member recently purchased a calendar at Cafe Press from their marketplace. But the price was 22.00. That's another thing to point out! When you purchase at using their search boxes to get into their marketplace area, they often mark up our items even higher than they are in our store. We sell the calendar for 19.99 in the shop there.

Shopping in our store is very easy, you just go to this link:

On that page you'll see links along the left side of the page broken down in to categories for each style of art we have up and also on the main center of the page--you can click on the art style you want and a page of all the products with that image will come up. If you want to get out of that and go back, hit your back buttons or use the left tool bar links to move about the store.

Any time you go to the generic website and search "Nancy Drew" then you are shopping within their "marketplace" and you'll find that their prices are often higher than our store prices and our commission goes down considerably. For example, in our shop the calendar brings a 5.00 commission, the marketplace pays only 2.20 and they've marked up the item to 22.00 whereas ours is 19.99. Quite a difference.

Another thing, if you've signed up for e-mails from Cafe Press for specials/sales, those are usually only good on their marketplace sales. To get sales from within our Nancy Drew Shop there, you'll need to check our Blog weekly for those savings codes to use. They don't e-mail those to you but on rare occasions because they want you to buy from the marketplace instead of our shops (so they can pay us less $$$) so they aggressively target you that way.


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