Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nancy Drew Shop at Cafe Press - Orders Reminder


Just a reminder about our Nancy Drew Cafe Press shop for all your holiday needs :) We've got great 2011 Nancy Drew calendars in the Tandy and Nappi styles, new iPhone cases are being added in, plus lots of other goodies. We'll have 2011 convention images soon too.

When you purchase at the shop, please remember to order from the shop page:

When you order from just and use their search boxes, that's considered their marketplace and our commission goes from either 1.00 or 5.00 down to around twenty cents to 2.00 - you end up supporting Cafe Press instead of this group as we get a much smaller commission. When I log into our account, I can see the orders and it lists the name of the person ordering and the state they are from and if it's a marketplace or a shop order, so I have noticed lately some Sleuth members ordering from the marketplace instead of our shop.

There may be some confusion on how to order from our shop. Just go to this link:

Then order from this page--there are links on the main page and also along the left side of the shop's page you can click on to access the various styles of images we have and you can always use your back buttons too. We don't have a search box in our store, so if you find yourself using one of those, you've gone outside of our shop to Cafe Press and that should signal that you need to redirect back to the address above.


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