Monday, November 8, 2010

Nancy Drew Event at Changing Hands Bookstore

The Nancy Drew 80th Birthday event at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ was held at 7pm tonight on Monday, November 8. Members of the local AZ Sleuths chapter attended and I spoke at the event plus we had a very nice sized crowd at close to or over 50!

The store arranged a scavenger hunt and we had prizes for those participating, I brought party favors and cupcakes with Nancy Drew picks on them:

My talk ranged from how I got into collecting and writing about Nancy Drew to the history behind Nancy Drew, collecting information, and a look at how Nancy Drew changed over the years plus Things We Learned From Nancy Drew and quotes from my book, Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew.

Some members in the audience including Sleuth Dede

Edward Stratemeyer looms behind me, the creator of Nancy Drew.

Sleuths Tina and Beth Marie

Sleuths Judy and Gail

We enjoyed our time at Changing Hands and for those of you who attended, we hope you had lots of fun!

There was a great article on the event in the East Valley Tribune with some images of my collection--click here to read it.



Becky said...

Great job tonight Jenn!! I learned so much :) And, the crowd was large & very could have continued for another hour easily & not a person would have left!!

Jenn said...

Sorry we didn't get to visit more :) See you on the 20th at the PP!