Friday, July 30, 2010

Sleuth Judi Weaver's Mystery Manor Book Shop

During our 80th anniversary Nancy Drew convention this year in Florida, we chartered a bus and spent a day book hunting around the Merritt Island/Orlando/Deltona area which was fabulous. Another day after sightseeing, we ended up in Melbourne at Judi Weaver's Mystery Manor Book Shop. It was to die for! :)

Thousands of series books--many in pristine condition, some full to near full series. Series book heaven or as one Sleuth coined it, a "bookgasm."

Look through these images (click for a larger image) to get a better view and if you're interested in contacting Judi about books you need for your collection, her e-mail is:

Lots of books and collectibles!

Costumes and other memorabilia for sale too.

Just one corner area of shelves!

Sleuth Gina found the Nancy Drew 70s Halloween costume!

Sleuth Jim scored a signed Nancy Drew book!

Lady Judi Weaver

So much to see!

So happy to be there!

Tables stacked with more books!

Foreign editions too!



Unknown said...

Hi Jenn! I know this is a super old post haha so I don't even know if you'll see it, but do you know if this book shop still exists?? I've tried searching for it and I can't find anything about it :/ but it looks like a DREAM

Jennifer Fisher said...

It never opened officially that I'm aware of, you might e-mail me and I'll see if I can point you further to the one running it.