Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nancy Drew Charm Product Testing!

We're doing a charm product test. I'm showing several rough product examples here of charms and rings which will be silver plated and really nice quality from Classic Hardware. We are going to get 2 styles going to begin with in limited editions and then will change designs from time to time.

What I want feedback on are two key items which you can vote in the two polls along the right side of this Blog at top - if you're reading this at Facebook, just post your comments there:

A: Which which 2 designs do we start with? Select 2 in the poll. We have:

1.Blue background/orange silhouette like the vintage books
2. Hidden Staircase (3rd Nappi art)
3. Old Clock (1st Tandy art)
4. Old Attic (1st Tandy art)

B: Do we feature the full book cover with titles or at least the title of the book showing or just the image of Nancy Drew the cover, no lettering?


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