Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Sleuth Subscription Clarification

Hi Sleuths,

We recently started to offer half-subscription rates. A subscription is for 6 issues. Half a subscription is therefore 3 issues. We've got this up on our website--you can pay there, Pay Pal, checks/money orders. I've also made note of this in recent E-News & Clues Blogs:

I also mentioned it in my editor column in the last issue of The Sleuth. A couple of members had thought I meant that I would give 6 issues for half the rate--19.00. I explained that was not affordable and didn't think much of it further. But today I received a check for only 14.00 for a 1 year subscription and confusion led one to divide by half at 19.00 and then also take advantage of a special we're offering on a 1 year subscription at 5.00 off 38.00=33.00.

So, I decided I would make a posting to all members to clear up any further confusion and before any other checks get mailed out:)

14.00 wouldn't even cover 3 issues with our color printing/postage/etc.. So, unless I wanted to go in the hole big time I can't offer that rate to you all:)

The Sleuth is not a tax write off, so I have to charge rates that cover all printing costs, envelopes, labels/ink, and postage. When you consider that I don't factor in greatly the cost of advertising, my time in putting it together 6 times a year (I'm the only one who's doing it) and managing it, time/gas to the p.o. to get stamps, to the supply store to get labels/envelopes, to the printer to take in the issue, back to the printer to proof and or pick up the issues, stuffing envelopes/taping/labeling, and back to the p.o. to mail the issues, we don't really make much at all on the zine to warrant the time I spend on it.

I'm not complaining here--absolutely not! Just explaining. I wouldn't do it all if it wasn't a huge labor of love! And I feel like the time and effort has paid off in a really nice zine for Nancy Fans and we've gotten so much praise for it that I'm very pleased everyone's enjoying it so much!

I apologize if I've created any problems or confusion over the subscription rates! I was just trying to offer a half rate of 3 issues for those that wanted to try us but not commit to 6 issues at once or those who wanted to pay as they go so to speak and just do 3 issues at a time and not have to pay so much at once.

If you haven't subscribed, resubscribed, or want to check us out, you can order back issues, try us at a 3 issue rate or subscribe for 1 or 2 years. All the info is on our website:

Any further q's, e-mail me:)


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