Saturday, May 30, 2009

AZ Sleuths Book Discussion Group: The Hidden Staircase

The AZ Sleuths had our 2nd book discussion group meeting today, May 30, at B&N. Our group today included myself, Judy, Leone, Heather, Arlene, and Laura. Next month we go officially on their event calendar so hope to bring in more fans to the fold. And see below for neat pics from our gift exchange! We'll be meeting again in June and then going to every other month. We're also planning a Nancy Drew Halloween party for this fall.

Judy brought her Nancy Drew Scrapbook which covered the PA Sleuths convention in '08 and a little bit from the '07 Pasadena convention. See above and below.

Today we were discussing #2, The Hidden Staircase. Both original and revised and comparing. We also briefly touched on the Girl Detective book #2 A Race Against Time. Most everyone preferred the original to the revised. The story was so much more descriptive, suspenseful, and spooky in the original. More characterization too.

Leone read a passage from The Hidden Staircase, original text.

Here we were posing with our Hidden Staircase books. Leone & Heather.

Laura, Arlene, & Judy

For this meeting we decided to do a fun gift exchange! Just like we do at the Nancy Drew conventions. Shown above is a Hidden Staircase collage. See below for more of the gifts from the exchange!

Nancy Drew paper fold out scrap album

Decoupaged Nancy Drew box

Applique Hidden Staircase/Old Clock Tote --both sides crafty

Nancy Drew Charm Pin

Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase Collage


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