Monday, October 31, 2011

AZ Sleuths: Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase Halloween Party

Nancy Drew & The Hidden Staircase
Halloween Party

No one got lost in the secret passageway or tumbled down the hidden staircase, but they did spot a rat or two and an old Sleuth member who wandered down into the depths of Haunted Twin Elms never to be spotted again until now...

A window silhouette of Nancy climbing the stairs and a ghostly creature lurking behind her...

The porch became the hidden passageway with the faux stairs I created with boxes and spray "stone" paint. The walls were covered with a faux stone room roll.

Cobwebs greeted guests as well as a spooky Nancy Drew silhouette lantern--these were hung on either side of the porch. A sign at the top of the stairs warned, "Enter if you dare."

Who is this mysterious Sleuth member wearing one of our PA '08 Nancy Drew convention tees? They're enjoying a glass of wine with their Nancy Drew book, The Witch Tree Symbol.

Mostly black/white decor greeted guests in the parlor of Twin Elms. Paintings were haunted by covers made from vintage Nancy Drew book pages and silhouettes. Nancy Drew silhouette buckets were filled with candy.

The menu included Texas brisket, roasted vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, onions), salad with all the trimmings, a balsamic vinaigrette and assorted dressings, rolls, cider and tea, assorted wines, plus an assortment of sides and appetizers brought by members. Desserts included Reeses Cookie Cups and Rice Krispy Treats made with candy corn pieces plus cookies.

Sleuths Arlene and Dede pose in the library

Spooky ghostly images great guests in the hall as well as a Nancy Drew Halloween tree with black/white silhouette paper decorations. Goody Bags with the Nancy Drew silhouette were filled with candy and goodies.

Rice Krispy Treats and ghoulish glow in the dark witch fingers beckoned guests as did the Toile style Nancy Drew decoupaged pumpkin I crafted. Eyeball chocolates were yummy. Miss Flora's Brown Owl watched suspiciously...

Nancy Drew haunts this painting...

Sleuths Cheryl and Judy

A reverse silhouette effect in the parlor as the sun is starting to set. A creepy skull adorns a black cake stand.

Edward Stratemeyer haunts this old-fashioned frame

Reese's Cookie Cups garnished with edible bones and skulls adorn this silver 3-tiered stand topped with a couple of small skulls.

Sleuths Beth Marie, Tina, and Gail

Bess gave these her seal of approval!

Sleuths Sherry & Tori

Nancy Drew Goody Bags

Sleuths played a game of bingo involving trivia about members and Nancy Drew trivia. Prizes were given out to the first 3 bingos and then consolation buttons to the rest of the guests.

Who was kidnapped in The Hidden Staircase?

Everyone works out their bingo play in the library

A Nancy Drew lantern glows bright

Sleuths Becky and Carol

Judy and Dede gave me this neat Nancy Drew candle which fit the decor perfectly.

The whole gang!

Gift Exchange Gifts - Members created treat bag/containers with Nancy Drew imagery for the exchange--see images of these below:

Goody bags are handed out to guests as spooky sounds echo from other rooms in the house...

Loot included candy, witch fingers, Halloween pencils, glow in the dark eyeballs and mini Hidden Staircase buttons.

The party was so much fun! Now to treat the kids tonight with lots of loot and fanfare...

Happy Halloween everyone! Make it a spooky one :)


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