Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Nancy Drew Web Con 2 Booklet

Our Nancy Drew Web Con 2 booklet (put together in the style of The Sleuth) has gone to print and features the presentations from the online Web Con along with commentary from those who attended online.


Nancy Drew Web Con 2 Intro By Jennifer Fisher

More Memories of Nancy Drew By Nancy Axelrad

Nancy Drew on the Small Screen - A Look at Nancy Drew in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries By Todd H. Latoski

Sleuthing For Love By Lisa Kwong

Nancy Drew’s “Meta” Moments By Michael G. Cornelius

Collecting Library Editions By Jennifer White

How to Tell if Someone is Lying By Penny Warner

In Search of Nancy Drew By Nancy Axelrad

The Stratemeyer Syndicate Files: Harriet’s Travels By Jennifer Fisher

A Nancy Drew Sleuths’ Interview About My Grandfather, Russell H. Tandy, Illustrator By Pamela Tandy and Jennifer Fisher

Crazy Eights with Michael G. Cornelius – The Haunted Bridge By Michael G. Cornelius

Nancy Drew Russell H. Tandy Illustrations By Bill Brodecky Moore

If you'd like a copy of the Web Con 2 Booklet, they're $10.00 including postage. Checks can be sent to:

Nancy Drew Sleuths
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

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