Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Convention Clues #20


I chose the popular board game of Clue to use as a mystery theme for our Saturday banquet at the Nancy Drew convention! It's one of my favorite board games. We talked about the game of Clue last year at the convention as to Nancy Drew licensing and so I've been developing a Nancy Drew version of Clue for potential licensing. In doing that, I thought it would be fun to base our banquet mystery on the game of Clue using Ivy Hall as the mansion for the board game and the general Hidden Window theme. It's been working out swimmingly.

Who hasn't played Clue at some point in their lifetime? Surely you're all familiar with something along the lines of "Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the Leadpipe"... If you haven't, or haven't played it lately, I recommend getting yourself familiar with the game play as our mystery will be based on that general framework.

And then there's Mrs. Peacock. With our huge theme of Peacocks from Hidden Window, it dawned on me there's Mrs. Peacock from the Clue game ;) How funny is that! There she is above in this image of Clue cards from a game I had as a child.

Some Clue weapons! And apparently a Monopoly playing piece thrown in. Got this pic from an eBay auction. Unless there was some version of Clue I'm not aware of where the suspects were bashing people over the head with this shoe ;-)

For fun, here's an image from a 1950s Clue game featuring mysterious silhouettes of the suspects.


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