Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Convention Merchandise At Cafe Press!

Hi Everyone,

I have now updated our Cafe Press shop with our 2010 convention designs--4 of which were designed by Sleuth Lea--give her a big round of applause as they turned out soooo cute!

Visit the shop here.

You can preview the images we have this year at these links:

Our images include: Land Moss-Mansion collage, Moss-Mansion Spooky Slogan, Nappi's Nancys--collage of Nappi Nancy images, Sea/Bahamas Collage, Missing Map Chums Slogan, Brass-Bound Trunk It's A Mystery Slogan, and 80th Anniversary/10th Sleuths Anniversary Collage with classic book cover titles and silhouettes.

I have also added a cute image for our group using the image of Nancy writing the SOS on the plane window with her lipstick.

The convention theme images will only be available for a limited time!

Sign up a Cafe Press to receive their offers via e-mail so you are notified when they have sales or shipping specials! I also update our Sleuths Blog here when I see these with the info.


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