Monday, October 26, 2009

AZ Sleuths Book Discussion Group: The Secret at Shadow Ranch & The Secret of Red Gate Farm

Our AZ Sleuths met again, Saturday October 24th at B&N for our next book discussion meeting. Attending were myself and Tina, Beth Marie, Laura, Sherry, Leone, Arlene, Heather, Dede, and Judy.

Our assigned books were #5 The Secret at Shadow Ranch and #6 The Secret of Red Gate Farm. Most people who read the originals and the revised versions preferred the writing style of the originals with more depth and characterization but liked the revised story line of Shadow Ranch better with the treasure hunt and phantom horse. They felt like the revision had more of a mystery than the original.

Heather noted all of the major coincidences in Red Gate Farm which were a lot of coincidences! :)

We discussed Sleuth business and news and also decided we'll resurrect our Shadow Ranch theme for a local convention here in AZ sometime in the next year or two.

Members of the AZ group will be coming to the house on the 30th for my Nancy Drew The Secret in the Old Attic Halloween party with a Nancy Drew treat bag exchange. Our next meeting is in December and Judy is also throwing a Christmas party at her house with a Nancy Drew ornament exchange.


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