Monday, August 31, 2009

August 2009 E-News & Clues

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Lots of things to add here to wrap up our month of August and look forward to 2010! Hope you all had a great summer. Mine flew too quickly but I had a lot on my plate with this year's convention and the planning for 2010 plus the new merchandising venture and so on and so on :)

In this month's Blog: Nancy Drew Merchandising & '09 Convention Merchandise, 2009 Convention Raffle Donations, 2010 Convention Reminders & Updates, 2010 Advertising Donations, 2010 80th Anniversary Update, Spooky Sleuth Sign-Ups, New Nancy Drew Products.


Convention merchandise will only be available through October 31st--these are the Forgotten City images, Survivor Sleuth, Groovy Vegas at the Cafe Press store. Sleuth Lea Fox designed the Survivor Sleuth image!

The other Nancy Drew images will be available year round.

The items for sale at our website: charms/jewelry, journals, handbags, and scrapbooking items are also available year round and I'll add new things from time to time. Remember, shop within the "members only" section at our website to get your 15% discount on some of these items.

Shop Links to Order From:

Cafe Press

The Sleuth Shop

Nancy Drew Sleuths' Nancy Drew Shop

I'm having a 5.00 ship special at my Nancy Drew website and the Sleuths' website shops through 9-15!


If anyone has anything to donate for our 2009 Vegas convention raffle, you can send them to me by mid-Sept at:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128


Just a quick reminder, if you're going on the cruise portion of the convention next year, the deadline to get a discount by booking early is 9-1-09, tomorrow!

We hope to have the land registration fee ironed out by next week and up at the website. Either way, you're going to get a lot of stuff for the cost so it's very jam packed!

Also, check out this flyer on the cruise.

If you plan to attend, contact me and I'll put you on our e-mail list for the 2010 convention events.


We want to do more advertising for the 2010 convention and need to raise funds to do so! If you'd like to help us out, we're accepting any donation amount. Your name will be included in the program for 2010 as a sponsor. You can use the donation button on the convention page of our website or you can send a check to us at:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

Or Pay Pal:


In getting prepared for the 80th anniversary next year, I've begun to update my website with some new graphics and a new look in some areas. Plus a nifty 2010 press kit. Check it out here.

We will be holding the first ever Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Web Con in Jan. 2010 to kick off the 80th anniversary. More details to follow in our Sept. E-News & Clues Blog.


Sign up for our Spooky Sleuth Exchange by Oct. 6. I'll assign everyone to who you are to give to on the 7th or 8th. Send your gift by Mid-Oct to ensure delivery by Halloween. The object is to make a gift that is themed to Nancy Drew and of course Halloween--the main focus should be Nancy Drew!

You will send a gift to a Sleuth and you will get one in return. E-mail me to sign up.

In the "members only" section of our website, there is a list of gift ideas and pictures from past exchanges. This one is a lot of fun!


You may be wondering what the image is at the top of this Blog. It's a Kindle cover! One of a line of leather accessories products from Alicia Klein. There's also going to be a business card case and more. Check out my Nancy Drew Blog for more images.

I'll have more updates in the next month's Blog on more licensees and products.


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